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Alex Nelson is a barrister specialising in defamation claims.  He is a Gold Coast Defamation Lawyer with proven court experience in this very complex area of the law including the following recent decisions:

  • Hockings v Lynch & Adams [2022] QDC 127; damages totalling $215,000 plus interest and costs on the indemnity basis;
  • Moy v Isaac; (the Bali Wedding Planner case) $150,000 damages including aggravated damages for Defamatory Facebook and website publications;
  • Weatherall v Kelly (2019); extension of time to commence action for defamation more than two years from publication;
  • successfully appealing in Clive Palmer v Malcolm Turnbull (Palmer v Turnbull[2018] QCA 112), confirming that where the lex loci delicti is a foreign law, it is presumed that it is the same as local law and it does not need to be pleaded nor proven as a matter of fact unless the plaintiff sees a forensic advantage in relying on the foreign law and intends to rely on it as differing from local law;
  • Grattan v Porter (2016); defamation judgment in the Queensland District Court for the Plaintiff, $150,000 plus interest, indemnity costs and a permanent injunction
  • Petty v Zhao (2016); defamation judgment in the NSW District Court for the Defendant
  • Sierocki v Klerck & Ors (2015); defamation judgment for the Plaintiff in the Supreme Court of Queensland

Alex is also a Mediator and can assist parties, either by themselves or when they have another Gold Coast Defamation Lawyer acting for them, to resolve defamation disputes at a Mediation.

Whether you are the Plaintiff of a Defendant in a defamation claim, or even if you just need to send of a Concerns Notice prior to commencing litigation, make sure that you get the correct advice.

Alex Nelson

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